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“Discovered!   The Secret Tool That Allows Anyone To Make The Law of Attraction Start Working Right Away... Guaranteed!”

Dear Friend, 

My name is John Derrick.... and  I used to be where you are now.

 Tell me if this sounds familiar?

You heard about the amazing power of The Law of Attraction.

You watched “The Secret.” You read those cheap books.  You may have even watched “What the Bleep Do We Know”...  

YES - You should have mastered the Law of Attraction by now!

I'll bet you have had some small successes... little things that excited you along the way. BUT...  nothing major has happened in your life yet! 

Am I Right?

You are not alone!  Trust me... I've been where you are!

First things first – It’s Not Your Fault.  

Despite their popularity, these mass-produced DVD's and cheap books never give you the entire secret behind manifestation.  They were created as an overview of the phenomenon.  Yes, they inspire people and yes they make you feel good.  

What REALLY FEELS GOOD is discovering the EXACT system that enables you to manifest the life of your dreams -- Today! --   Right Now!

Forget about the fancy graphics and glossy covers.  You are about to unlock the secret to how YOU CAN EASILY and RELIABLY manifest ANYTHING you want – RIGHT NOW!

I am going to share THE KEY to manifesting with you... 


But first let me introduce myself:

Here's Who I Am, and How I Created What People Are Calling:

“The Best Manifesting Course In The World”

My name is John Derrick.  Perhaps you have visited my name-sake web site JohnDerrick.com, where I have helped thousands of people improve their lives.  Or perhaps you have heard me as a guest speaker on a radio show or podcast. You may have heard about my life changing law of attraction course.

I have been on a spiritual path dedicated to mastering the law of attraction for the last fifteen years.  In fact, I was studying and practicing the art of mental creation long before it was called “Law of Attraction”. 

I have studied with mentors such as Joe Vitale, Bob Proctor, Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield, Bob Scheinfeld ... among many others you may have never heard of.  Over the years I have thoroughly studied "A Course in Miracles", the "Light Body", "Magnetic Attractor" and Quantum Creator courses. 

In short, I have done many years of studying… So You Don’t Have To!

Just like you, when I began I was not getting the results that I desired.  It took me many years to fine tune this science into an effective system that now only takes minutes a day. 

YES – YOU CAN benefit from all my hard work! 
You get to jump to the end and reap all the benefits.

Let Me Show You How You Can Save Yourself From Years Of Frustration.

But First, You Need To See Where I Have Come From

My life has not always been this great.  In fact, when I began using the law of attraction, my life was in shambles.

I was financially bankrupt and broken as a human being.  My body was in terrible shape.  I was really overweight.  In fact, I was so big that I had to drive over twenty miles just to use a special scale that could handle my weight.

On any given day I was either severely depressed ... or angry at the world ...or both.  I can still remember how I used to feel empty inside -- UNFULLFILLED.  I blamed everyone else for all my problems. 

I felt alone, even though I had a loving wife and children.   All this, and my health was failing... I was in a doctor’s office two or three times a week, and was on a dozen prescription medications.  I had medical problems most people had never even heard of.

I’ll admit it… I was a complete wreck.

One day I noticed that every time I got angry -- really angry -- my computer would crash.  Seriously, it happened every single time.  I noticed that when I felt particularly terrible , bad things would happen around me fairly quickly.

I suspected that my mind was somehow influencing the world around me.  Concerned that I was going insane, I set out to see if others had came to the same conclusion. 

I had no clue how great a mystery I would uncover.

Thus began my long journey into realizing the incredible power of the mind.  How the mind actually shapes the reality that we live in. 

All I did was change my mind... and My Life DRASTICALLY Improved!

Once I discovered EXACTLY how to manifest, my weight began falling off effortlessly.   No effort… and no working out.   I lost a hundred pounds in less than six months -- and I can prove it with my medical records!

For the first time in my life, I felt healthy.  Within a few months I wasn't going to the doctors offices anymore, and I was able to get off all my prescriptions within a year.  Best of all I could breathe again and no longer needed my inhalers or portable nebulizer.

That Is The Power Of Manifesting! 
It all came from within.  It became easy for me the minute I discovered how to do it!  All of a sudden I had energy and a spring to my step.  Every day was better than the day before it.  I looked forward to each day with renewed vigor.  

My income went though the roof.  When I began using Manifesting Cards and applying the principles you will find inside the ebook, my income shot up from $1,500 a month, to earning over $10,000 in a month.  I was able to quit my job and get paid for playing on the internet.  It was amazing.   

Everyone wanted to know what it was that I was doing.  They all wanted to know the secret to my overnight success.  I had a hard time convincing them that I was not special.  I told them that anyone can do this and I proved it to them by teaching them my secret.  I had a blast watching as their lives suddenly changed directions and took off like rockets. 

Health, wealth and most importantly happiness...  is what this secret method has brought all of us.
YOU can do this too!  You simply need to use the EXACT proven system that we used.  It has proven itself time and time again. 

Let me show you now:

You Can Be Lazy! 
Save Yourself From Years of Frustration!
You don’t need to know HOW it works. You just need to know EXACTLY what to do.

For Example:  You probably do not know how your television works, but you do know how to turn it on. You don’t have to know how or why it works, in order to make use of it.  In fact, I don’t want to know how the television works... I just want to be able to “turn it on” whenever I desire.



The Manifesting Cards ebook has been created specifically for people like you, who want to flip the switch and...
– “TURN IT ON”  

Decide you want something and flip the switch.
You can make it happen -- Effortlessly!

Yes, you will find the "how’s" and "why’s" inside, BUT YOU DON’T NEED TO KNOW ALL THE DETAILS IN ORDER TO POWERFULLY MANIEST.  If you are curious like me, you may want to discover all about the Law of Attraction and what really powers it, but that's completely optional! 

To “TURN IT ON”, You Just Need The Simple 3 Step System Found Inside. 
If you have 2 minutes a day to spare, you can begin making your dreams come true. 

This is what you have been waiting for!


I Don’t Believe It Is A Coincidence That You Found This Site.
  I think you have attracted this website into your life.

Your search is over my friend.
  You can rest easy.

This is the missing piece to your puzzle.  This is exactly what you have been searching for.

You have been seeking this information and it has been attracted to YOU.
The universe has delivered, now you need to take action.

All that is left for you to do is ACT NOW, and make manifesting your reality!


Manifesting Cards

This book is the key book from the official "Secret Course"as Seen Here


Manifesting Cards
106 Secret Filled Pages!

Buckle Your Seat Belt  -- because this book moves very very fast.  Not a single sentence is wasted in these 106 pages of mind blowing revelations. 

Here is a sample of what you will discover:

page 08 Discover How The Law of Attraction Really Works
page 15 How To Live A Longer and Healthier Life – ABC reported on this scientific evidence that proves using this leads to a longer, healthier life.  Even the Mayo Clinic supports this data.
page 18 This secret will make you into the person you want to be.
page 20

Avoid destructive Affirmations...  they can actually work against you! Use this to ensure your affirmations always work.
Without it, you are pushing what you want further away.

page 27 Use This To Create Joy and Happiness Instantly.
page 33 Make Things Suddenly Appear Into Your Life – Effortlessly.
page 38 The Key to Manifesting...  What they left out of The Secret.  
This is the secret of what actually powers the Law of Attraction. 
page 41 Discover Individualization and you are in control of your destiny.
page 48 The Secret To Using Manifesting Cards! 
3 Easy Steps To Powerful Manifesting
page 52 Always, Always, Always Do This When Manifesting!
page 56 How To Attract Money To YOU...  All Day Long!
page 60 3 Factors Guaranteed To Increase The Speed of Manifesting.
page 62 The Metaphorical Water Model gives you a visual explanation of how law of attraction works and proves how these three factors increase the speed of your results. (For those who like to know)
page 66 Stop Attracting What You Don't want, and get what YOU DO want.
page 69 Create A Perfectly Healthy Body Even In The Face Of So-Called Incurable Diseases. (I used to suffer from two incurable diseases)
page 72 Use The Power of 3 To Turbo-Charge Your Manifesting.
page 76 The Most Powerful Skill In The World!
page 78 Can You Keep A Secret? You'll want to keep this one to yourself! 
Don't tell anyone this secret!  If you do, you'll regret it!
page 83 Hints Left Behind For YOU From The Greatest Minds In History.
page 88 Start Making Your Dreams Come True On page 88
page 91 Step By Step Instructions...  How To “Turn It On"!
page 100 Avoid This At All Costs!   This is crucial to your success!
page 102 A Million Dollar Secret:  What the Guru's Never Admit In Public!
I Spill the Beans and Reveal The Amazing Truth! 

You’ll Discover All Of These Secrets and More Inside

Kim Miller - Manifested A House Using Secret Technique Inside Your Secret Course
Kim Miller
I manifested a house that is worth $425,000 using the method inside this course. I worked with John Derrick to get down every step of this method.  My complete story of how I manifested my dream home is included in his wonderful course. 

I am happy to be a part of this. My wife and I did it together and our lives are better than I could have ever imagined. We were just normal people before, living in a run down old orchard house.We had to attract furniture for this big house because we didn't have much of anything back then. Then we used this formula to manifest an inground swimming pool and hot tub.  Next we used it to get us a truck and two cars.

It is fun to watch these things appear in our life out of nowhere.  We will never stop using this. Words can never express how grateful I am to have found this.  Thank you. thank you. thank you.


Manifesting is INCREDIBLY EASY once you know EXACTLY HOW.

Stop trying to guess how to do this – you are just WASTING your time.

If you’re tired of FEELING like you’re wasting your time manifesting, then YOU need this ebook!

Start Manifesting Like A Guru – RIGHT NOW!



Ready to stop being all talk? -- and Actually Begin Manifesting!

What is it that you want most right now?

Money? Health? Success? Weight Loss? New House? Job Promotion? A Car? Love?

No matter WHAT you want, it's up to YOU to make it happen.

Make it happen - right now!

Now is the time to make YOUR DREAMS into YOUR REALITY!

Truth Be Told,
The Only Thing Holding You Back Is Your Self Doubt.


You are thinking, Will This Work For Me?

That is a great question!

Yes, this ebook will work for you! It's a step by step process that will take you by the hand and will reveal the EXACT method that has worked for countless others. 

You can't mess this up. 

I Know You Have Doubts.  That's Completely Natural.

BUT... these doubts are holding you back . Stop doubting and start believing!  Belief is part of the formula! 

You have to believe in yourself  --  Be willing to take a chance on greatness!

Begin Right Now


I am so thankful for your course and the manifesting cards method.  I used your method to get healthy and to lose a lot of weight.

Everyone treats me differently now.  I have been promoted at my job twice and have been made the head of my department.

I feel alive again.  I am living out my dreams today instead of waiting to live tomorrow.  I have planned a trip to climb a volcano this spring which is something I have always wanted to do.

I know now that I can do anything.  The Law of Attraction is real. 

This course will change your life. 

I am living proof of that. 

Patti Johnson before manifesting weight loss using secret law of attraction course
Patti Johnson
Weight Loss Using Your Secret Law of Attraction Course!
Patti Johnson

Patti lost the majority of the weight shown here in just 6 months

She is now 84lbs lighter in 8 months total.



John Derrick


 Yes John!
     I'm ready to Manifest Right Now!


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